We can help you answer these questions whether you’re planning for retirement in a few years, or transitioning now. We’ll start by looking at your current financial situation, and helping you estimate how much income you’ll need when you retire. (Usually, you’ll need more than you may receive from steady sources of income, including Social Security.) Then, we’ll estimate how much money you should have in your investment and retirement accounts to produce the rest of the income you’d like to have.

The planning process doesn’t stop there. What if you’re behind where you should be to have enough to retire? You may need to make some difficult decisions - whether to work a little longer, adjust your income needs, save more before you retire, or change your investment risk. We’ll help you weigh these choices and make decisions that you feel good about - and we believe are in your best interest. We’ll also design a retirement investment plan for you that will probably focus on dividends, interest, and moderate growth over time.

We'll review your plan with you periodically to see how you’re doing, and help you make adjustments, if need be, to stay on track. Throughout it all, we'll be here to help with all your questions. contact us now >>

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